Applied Improvement Technologies offers a broad range of industrial hygiene and & safety engineering services. Some of our important practice areas are listed below. 


Industrial Hygiene Hazard Assessments

  • IH sampling plans
  • Qualitative exposure assessments
  • Sampling strategies and statistics
  • Regulatory compliance air monitoring 

Safety Engineering

  • Lockout tagout assessments/procedures
  • Sling/Lifting devices inspections
  • Confined space assessments

Indoor Air Quality 

  • On-site investigation
  • VOC's, CO2, carbon monoxide levels
  • Temperature, relative humidity
  • Mold assessment
  • Industrial ventilation evaluation

Noise Surveys & Hearing Conservation

  • Octave band frequency analysis
  • Selection & installation of noise reduction controls
  • Personal dosimetry
  • Hearing conservation program review

Hazard Communication

  • Employee and managment training
  • GHS program development

Program Audit or Evaluation 

  • Respiratory protection
  • Lock out tag out policy & procedures
  • Hearing conservation
  • Hazard communication
  • Confined space entry
  • Ventillation systems and noise control devices

Occupational Disease Assessment

  • Assist claims representatives and attorneys
  • Affiliation with occupational physicians and industrial toxicologists

Training Programs

AIT offers a wide variety of training programs - customized to meet the client's needs.

  • Confined space entry
  • Lockout-tagout
  • Repiratory use and fit testing
  • Personal protective equipment usage
  • Hazard communication
  • Evaluating industrial ventilation

For further information or to schedule an appointment call us at (860) 748-6300 or send an email from the Contact Us page.